Plato with biometric overlay
Inkjet print on canvas, Acrylic

The form has become the Form—There is no longer a need for a distinction between the particular and the universal. Plato's 'faceness' has been quantified and digitized and his biography, stress levels, horoscope, download queue, credit history and criminal record have all been cross-checked for potential threat-patternage. Are the laser lines a symbol of magic and wonder or of cold totalitarianism?




Styrofoam, acrylic, USB memory stick with 3D file

A Von Neumann probe arrives on an alien world from earth with a single message —Reproduce me. It appears to be some sort of idol. It's image is its form, Its word is its flesh, its seed is information on a solid-state universal serial bus memory stick, It's essence encoded in binary. Is it an emissary of peace or a mindless virus programmed to dominate its surroundings? 

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Acculab VIC-123 Balance, 50.907g Sikhote-Alin Iron Meteorite, marble, steel

Potentially, all scientific endeavors attempts to understand the fabric of reality are inherently flawed by anthropic bias. Are we looking for patterns to fit our measurements and counting them as evidence of a divine order? 

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Heat Death
video loop on projector

Automated Mission Report: 3rd Planet of the System Sol.
System Scan initiated:
Faint signals of electronic activity....No sign of sentient life...  
Humanity is wiped out in the near future and this crappy screensaver is the closest we get to creating the Omega Point simulator/ computer. The Universe expands forever and slowly converts all energy into cold, dead, matter, no information is stored—Heat Death.

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Montgomery, 2009